Business Services

Technology Infrastructure Maintenance Plans

If you run a business, you obviously rely on technology of some sort – PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones, landline phone systems, etc. Unfortunately, technology is prone to the occasional stumble or eventual failure. Even if you never experience failure of you equipment, it’s usefulness wanes in┬ácomparison to increasingly faster equipment. Annual analysis of your technology equipment will reveal what, if any, pieces of equipment you should consider upgrading or replacing. We have partnerships with local computer equipment vendors to provide you with affordable technology solutions for equipment maintenance plans, leasing plans, emergency repair services, standard repair services and consulting and planning services. Whether you are in the planning phases of your business or are a seasoned pro, we’ve got a solution for you that allows you to maintain your focus on your core business by relieving your responsibilities to your technology infrastructure.   Cell Phone Repair

Smart Phone Service Options

Increasingly, businesses are run via smartphone, particularly service businesses. Service providers and sales teams rely heavily on their smartphones not just for calling, but for CRM, scheduling, texting, crunching numbers for clients, email, and much, much more. What do you think would happen if your salesperson’s phone gets damaged or lost? His productivity plummets as he spends hours or days trying to replace/repair the phone, install everything back to his liking, and getting used to the new phone. Why not get a smartphone protection plan to cover your business’ cell phones? Our mobile phone service plans boast features like off-site backup of data, 1 hour repairs, complete restoration of lost phones and more. We want you to be able to recover quickly and get back into the race!   Coffee & Water

Coffee & Water Delivery Services

Coffee – it’s the lifeline that fuels American business. OK, maybe it’s just our daily intake of caffeine. At any rate, if you have employees, you most likely have a coffee pot and/or a water cooler. We have coffee, tea and water delivery services that will lift the burden of maintaining your stock of refreshments from your team. One call does it all – let us know how many employees you have, about how much coffee and water your office consumes during a regular week, and we’ll be out there lickety-split with coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, water and accessories (cups, stirrers, straws, etc.) to keep your business humming. It’s one less thing to worry about.]]>