Consumables are what most people would think of when thinking of office supplies. This includes pens, paper, paper clips, stapes, and such. Because these items are consumable, it is imperative that they are inexpensive but functional. Take pens for example. As an office manager, you purchase pens to be used. You expect them to work, last a long time and to be relatively inexpensive. What good is a super-inexpensive pen that doesn’t last more than a week, or every 5th one doesn’t work? You end up not saving money, and causing frustration at the same time. We work hard to evaluate and test all of the products we sell, so that you get products that are worth what you pay for them. We may not offer the cheapest office products in the business, but we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the value you get from our products. That is what is important to us – that you are pleased and delighted with your purchase.]]>