Computer Repairs & Maintenance

Our office computer infrastructure is probably the single most important component of running a business besides the employees. Computers allow us to store information, schedule contacts, design, service, plan, and analyze the book, just to name a few. Even though we all complain about how slow our computers are, can you imagine if we had to do the same work without a computer? Try it for one day and you’ll be thankful for your computer. Keeping in mind the importance of our computer systems and the data on them, don’t you think it’s important, no – IMPERATIVE, that we put in place a plan to account for loss, damage and failure of your computers and infrastructure? Of course everyone would answer yes to that question, but how many actually do something about it. Don’t be that business owner that acknowledges the need to plan for computer problems but loses everything before he gets around to it. Call today for a free estimate. We have many options and features that you can pick and choose from so that you get a service plan that caters to your company’s exact needs. If you don’t have 40 computer users and expensive network equipment, then you don’t opt for the network troubleshooting option. If you already have a backup plan in place for your data, then maybe you don’t need our backup service – or maybe ours is a more efficient and affordable option. Here is just a partial list of features you may choose from to build your protection package.

  • Off-site backup
  • Hardware replacement insurance
  • Virus protection
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote problem analysis
  • Network configuration/troubleshooting
  • Emergency response
  • Software/OS/firmware update
  • New user hardware setup
What we are saying is that you customize the package to suit YOUR needs.  ]]>