Cell Phone Repairs and Service

As technology allows for greater power in smaller devices, businesses are increasingly moving away from their computers and relying on their smartphones to handle the tasks that in the past had required the use of a computer. This trend puts enormous power and importance on the smartphones used by the sales force, service providers and business owners. So it would behoove every business owner to consider how best to take advantage of the power of mobile computing and what steps one should take to protect that investment. As smartphones become more capable, particularly to service providers, the phone itself is becoming mission-critical. Some businesses operate solely by cell phone – no computer, no land-line, just a trusty mobile phone. However, as our reliance on mobile phones grows, so does the risk associated with failure, loss or theft of the device.

We Don’t Just Repair Phones

The most common issue with mobile technology is simply that it gets dropped – all the time! Our service partner fixes cracked and shattered screens daily. There are other issues though that may occur as well. Our phones get dropped into water, the ports or other orifices on the phone get clogged with dust, lint and other filth that we don’t realize is present, the camera may malfunction, the battery may begin to fail. Our service partner’s technicians are proficient at working with cell phones of a wide variety of makes and models. For repairs we’ve got you covered. But there’s more to cell phone preparedness than just responding to damages. We’re partnering with a reputable company who has advanced knowledge of integrated circuits and of cell phone technologies in particular.

Catastrophe Preparedness

Sure, that sounds bad. As much as we’d like to ignore it, the potential for catastrophic lost exists. Here are some examples.
  • Dropped into water – damaged beyond repair
  • Cell phone misplaced
  • Smartphone stolen
  • Cell phone stops working, won’t respond to user input
Each of these scenarios require different responses, the question is ‘have you planned a response to these scenarios’ or are you just going to react after the fact? Our service professionals will work with you to protect you against issues like these and more. Here are some possible plans for addressing these issues.

Cell Phone Unavailable For Extended Period

If you’ve dropped your phone in water, there is a drying out period that can’t really be rushed. You won’t know the extent of the damage (if any exists) until the phone has completely dried out. This process varies with the type of phone. Some phones are tightly packed. Others have easily removed backs and removable batteries. So what do you do in the meantime? You’ve got a business to run and clients to call on! One solution is a backup phone service that can employ while you are waiting on your phone. You can restore a backup from your computer, and you are back in business. When service on your phone is complete, simply switch back. In the case that your existing phone can’t be repaired, we have replacement options that will provide you with a replacement of the same or newer model of phone that you were using. You can restore a backup onto your new phone and be back to business as usual in no time.

Misplaced Phone

As part of our service plans, we ensure that you have a way to find misplaced phones. Using the GPS feature of your phone, you can use your computer to identify exactly where your phone is. You can even tell it to chime so you can find it underneath a pile of papers in your car or office.

Stolen Phones

As phones become more expensive, theft becomes an issue. Even worse, competitors can gain incredible insights into the inner workings of your company, including client lists, internal pricing, and more. We protect your information by recommending password protection or fingerprint identification requirements to activate your phone for use. This protects the data on your smartphone in the case of theft. Using the GPS locator function on your phone, you can determine where your phone is. If the GPS function isn’t working (the battery removed or phone was hacked into and disabled), then we can activate the data destruction function that will render the phone completely useless. This of course is a last resort, but an important option to protect your company’s vital data.]]>